ErgoFlex Compact Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard by ErgoTech – Ultra-Comfortable and Space-Saving Wireless Keyboard for Improved Typing Experience – Compatible with Mac, PC, and Tablets

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244 in stock

The Compact Ergonomic Keyboard is designed to help to reduce the awkward shoulder postures that are created when you use a traditional keyboard. Traditional keyboards are too wide and this can causes your mouse to be positioned too far away from your body. Look at where your elbow is positioned when you hold your computer mouse. This “winging” position where your elbow is away from your body and your shoulder/neck muscles are holding your arm out wide, causes shoulder and neck pain.

Compact slim keyboards are ergonomically designed to fix this issue with their slimmer and thinner profile (i.e. small ergonomic keyboard). Using the Compact Ergonomic Keyboard will make using your computer comfortable again. No need to over reaching for your computer mouse or awkward “winging” of your arm to use your mouse. Your mouse will be positioned close to your body and keyboard. And this will help to make work comfortable again.


    • Compact Ergonomic Design
    • Helps to Position Mouse within Easy Reach
    • Available in Wired, Wireless or Bluetooth Models
    • Low Profile Keys


    • Width: 29cm
    • Length: 13cm
    • Height: 2cm


    • Plug and Play – simply plug into your computer, no driver download required
    • Compatible with Mac OS, Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8/10 Operating Systems
    • 78 Keys including function keys
    • 2 x AAA Batteries (not included) – Wireless and Bluetooth Models only


    1 Year Warranty – Full Replacement – If this keyboard becomes faulty or dies within the first 12 months, we will replace it in full for you.

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    When it comes to purchasing the ErgoFlex Compact Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard by ErgoTech, DurableCart is the go-to online retailer for genuine products. This ultra-comfortable and space-saving wireless keyboard is designed to provide an improved typing experience for users of Mac, PC, and tablets. The keyboard’s compact design makes it perfect for on-the-go use, while its Bluetooth connectivity allows for seamless wireless operation.

    One of the key advantages of the ErgoFlex keyboard is its ergonomic design, which helps to reduce strain and discomfort during long typing sessions. The keys are soft and responsive, providing a satisfying typing experience that is quieter than traditional keyboards. The keyboard is also compatible with a wide range of devices, making it a versatile option for users with multiple devices.

    Despite its many advantages, some users have reported connection issues with the Bluetooth functionality of the keyboard. Additionally, the compact size of the keyboard may take some getting used to for users accustomed to larger keyboards. Overall, the ErgoFlex Compact Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard by ErgoTech is a solid option for users looking for a comfortable and space-saving wireless keyboard for their devices.

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