ErgoFold Split Keyboard – Ultimate Ergonomic Folding Keyboard for Improved Comfort and Efficiency

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15 in stock

The Folding Split Ergonomic Keyboard is designed for users who are regularly travelling or working away from their workstation. It has a folding design, meaning it folds down to just 14.1cm x 10.6cm x 1.2cm making it the perfect size to fit in your handbag or laptop bag.

The Folding Compact Keyboard is ultra thin in size and features low profile keys. This helps to reduce unnecessary and awkward wrist flexion that can occur when using keyboards that are too high or have extra high keys.   

The Folding Compact Keyboard is a great addition to your computer setup when you are using a laptop or tablet out and about from the office. It will allow you to position your laptop or tablet at the correct distance and height, whilst also allowing you to position your keyboard at the correct distance and position from your body. No more awkwardly typing on your laptop keyboard to using the touch screen to try and type. Simply unfold your compact keyboard and you are ready to type.


  • Compact folding design – ideal for mobile employees using laptops or tablets
  • Split design – more ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery – enjoy 48 hours of typing time and up to 560 hours of standby time + 2 hours fast charge
  • Bluetooth Connection – no cords or USB receivers, just connect and type


Folded Down (smallest)

  • Width: 10.6cm
  • Length: 14.6cm
  • Height: 1.2cm

Folded Out (largest)

  • Width: 10.6cm
  • Length: 28.8cm
  • Height: 0.6cm


1 Year Warranty – Full Replacement – If this keyboard becomes faulty or dies within the first 12 months, we will replace it in full for you.

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