Ergonomic Rockstick 2 Ambidextrous Mouse – Medium by Rockstick – Revolutionary Design for Comfort and Efficiency

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17 in stock

The RockStick 2 Mouse is an ambidextrous mouse that has been ergonomically designed so you can use your entire hand to click. This functionality helps to reduce the strain you place on your fingers, wrists and forearm. It is the only mouse in the Australian market that has this unique functionality.

By making small motions, you can left or right click from your hand and arm rather than from using your index or middle fingers. It has also been designed as a vertical mouse, placing your hand into a more natural and comfortable work posture.

The Rockstick 2 Mouse can be used by either your left or right hand. It comes in medium size.

The scroll wheel is operated by using your thumb, which again helps to reduce the stress placed on your index finger. The base of the mouse features a wrist rest which can also be removed by the user. This mouse has an adjustable DPI between 400 to 2000, making it highly sensitive. It requires no software to be installed and is connected wirelessly via a nan USB receiver.


  • Use your whole hand to click
  • Wireless USB Nano Receiver
  • Ambidextrous – suitable for left and right hand use
  • Adjustable DPI – 400/800/1600/2000 dpi


  • Width: 8.8cm
  • Length: 9.1cm
  • Height: 8cm


1 Year Warranty – Full Replacement – If this mouse becomes faulty or dies within the first 12 months, we will replace it in full for you.

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